More money for all local schools

The Conservatives have committed to increase funding for all pupils in all schools.

As a former teacher and the son of two state teachers, education is one of my central priorities. We have 46 local schools in the constituency and, since the 2017 General Election, I have been in touch with all of them and visited all bar three.

Having listened to headteachers I have campaigned in Westminster for more funding for every pupil and I am delighted that the new Prime Minister has agreed and promised to put additional money into every school. I know this will help our excellent local schools and teachers deliver even better opportunities for the next generation.


Onwards Travel for GCSE and A Level Students

To all those who received their A level results last week and all those who get their GCSE results this week, good luck for what the future holds and well done for reaching this important stage in your lives. You may be on track to do exactly as you planned.