Have Your Say on Policing, Fire and Community Safety

The Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex, Roger Hirst, is asking for your help in the development of the next Police and Crime Plan for the county.

Three and a half years ago, Roger and his team asked the public what they wanted from Essex Police. Working with police officers, staff and volunteers, as well as partners from across Essex, he took what you told him and developed the 2016 Police and Crime Plan. The plan set out our seven policing priorities to protect Essex, which are:

  • More local, visible and accessible policing
  • Crack down on anti-social behaviour
  • Breaking the cycle of domestic abuse
  • Reverse the trend in serious violence
  • Tackle gangs and organised crime
  • Protecting children and vulnerable people
  • Improve safety on our roads

Working with Essex Police, achievements to date include:

  • Delivering the funding to enable Essex Police to be a growing force. It will have 368 more officers by April 2020 than it had in 2016. Essex also has the second largest and fastest growing Special Constabulary in the country.
  • Working to bring the numbers of incidents relating to anti-social behaviour, burglary and theft down.
  • Leading the fight against gangs, county lines and violence with the development of a specialist Violence Reduction Unit.

However, the challenges police officers face are continuing to change and Roger wants to more to tackle violence in our communities and see the reduction achieved in anti-social behaviour, burglary and theft mirrored in violent crime and drugs. The PFCC's team wants to help Essex Police prevent crime happening in the first place by working with the public to make sure there is no space for criminals to thrive, as well as ensuring the most vulnerable people in communities remain safe.

Over the next few months, Roger and his team will be showing us how our views have made a difference as well as asking us to #MakeADifference and tell him what we want from our police force over the next four years. You can do this by taking part in a survey of residents' views here:  https://www.essex.pfcc.police.uk/make-a-difference/

Hard copies are available on request and will be available in local libraries and other public buildings.