Tales From The Riverbank

On my way to a meeting I came across an unusual sight in the Palace of Westminster...a small woodland next to a riverbank!

EU Citizen Status - Putting People First

The Prime Minister has published an open letter today, promising to make it as easy as possible for EU citizens to obtain settled status in the UK.

Sickness Strikes St Peter's School Crossing Patrol

Sickness has struck down the School Crossing Patrol Officers at St Peters Primary School and I have received a number of emails from parents of pupils who are worried about road safety on the narrow lane outside the school which is busy with children and cars at drop off times in the morning and

A Friday Treat

I suspect it is rare for a Member of Parliament to be described as a "treat" but that's what I was billed as for the Year 4 students at St Mary's Primary School in Shenfield last Friday.

Tackling Animal Cruelty

We Brits are known as a nation of animal lovers, and nowhere more so than in Brentwood and Ongar if my inbox and postbag are anything to go by.

Policing Brentwood and Ongar

One of the first examples of political mischief I experienced in Brentwood and Ongar was the story put about by trouble makers that the Brentwood Police Station was being shut down.

Bank, Camera, Action!

The Bank of England is looking for secondary schools from Brentwood and Ongar to take part in their digital media competition about the role of the Bank called Bank, Camera, Action.