Universal Credit Rolls Out in Brentwood

Universal Credit is a revolutionary change to the welfare system coming to Brentwood this month. It replaces a large number of different benefit payments for people who are out of work with a single, simplified payment.

Brentwood is Best for Working Women

In a week of bad news, something good. I was delighted to hear last Tuesday that Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4 had, after heavy research, decided that Brentwood was the best place in the country for women to work.

Paying for Policing - Have Your Say

I met Roger Hirst, the Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, last week to catch up with the latest news on two of our excellent emergency services.

The Future Is Brentwood

The future is almost upon us. During my lifetime I’ve seen a number of innovations that have profoundly changed the way in which we live and work. I remember the advent of home and school computers (the ZX Spectrum 48k and the BBC Acorn respectively).

Tackling Unauthorised Encampments

One the main issues that local people have raised with me since I became an MP in June is the large number of unauthorised encampments which we experience here.

Tales From The Riverbank

On my way to a meeting I came across an unusual sight in the Palace of Westminster...a small woodland next to a riverbank!

EU Citizen Status - Putting People First

The Prime Minister has published an open letter today, promising to make it as easy as possible for EU citizens to obtain settled status in the UK.

Sickness Strikes St Peter's School Crossing Patrol

Sickness has struck down the School Crossing Patrol Officers at St Peters Primary School and I have received a number of emails from parents of pupils who are worried about road safety on the narrow lane outside the school which is busy with children and cars at drop off times in the morning and