The Time Is Now - Climate Change Lobby

Having written at the beginning of June about the initial stages of the Conservative leadership election, when thirteen candidates were still in the running, we start July with the final two candidates – Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson – ready to face the ballot of Conservative Party members.

Changes at Network Rail

Network Rail has made some changes to the way it works and how it is organised, with the creation of five new regions:

Wales & Western
North West & Central
Scotland's Railway

Spirit of Brentwood Shines In "Godspell"

Brentwood’s Strawberry Fair is always a riot of colour and fun, but this year’s event seemed to go above and beyond its previous jollity, helped largely by dozens of brightly dressed members of the cast of the forthcoming circus-themed production of “Godspell” at the Brentwood Centre.

HMRC Beats Phone Scammers

New controls deployed by HMRC mean fraudsters can no longer spoof most of the department’s helpline numbers.

Scammers mimic legitimate HMRC helpline numbers (often beginning with 0300) to dupe taxpayers and steal their money and personal information. 

Kids Inspire Brings Trauma Counselling Skills to Brentwood

One of the most important jobs as a Member of Parliament is getting out and about in the constituency, knocking on doors and speaking to constituents on their doorstep. You never know who you are going to meet, or where it might lead.

Choosing a New Leader

As everyone will by now be aware, there is a Conservative leadership contest underway. Following several weeks of cross-party talks, Theresa May came to the conclusion that she did not have the confidence of her party or of Parliament and that she should resign.

Brentwood and Ongar's D-Day History

This month sees the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Landings in which Allied troops landed in France to begin the liberation of the Europe from Nazi occupation.

Fetes and Fairs

With the political situation in Westminster nothing if not eventful (more on this in the weeks to come) it is good to see community life here in Brentwood and Ongar thriving vivaciously.