Recycling Christmas

If you look around your home this week, there is a good chance your gaze will fall on recycling bags stuffed to the gunnels with screwed up wrapping paper, cardboard and plastic packaging and, in a moment, possibly this newspaper.

Your Words Can Make A Difference

Some of my most precious possessions are letters. Adolescent letters from school friends (pre-email gossip). Letters from friends living in exotic locations (including one from a friend in India in which a tiger appeared in front of him whilst he was writing to me).

Don't be Quiet About Libraries

Libraries have quietly undergone huge changes since I used to visit my local library as a child to get my weekly fix of the adventures of Noggin the Nog.

Alex Burghart MP Welcomes New Rail Ombudsman Service

Complaints about rails services are a regular feature of my inbox so I know many constituents will be pleased to learn about a new impartial and independent Ombudsman for the railway which will enhance the industry’s complaints process, and help rail customers.

Essex Police Funding Survey

The Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex, Roger Hirst, is responsible for setting a budget for Essex Police that enables the Chief Constable to deliver the best possible policing service that the public of Essex deserve.

Keeping Children Safe from Bullies

It is a sad fact that bullying is a significant issue for children and young people – not only face to face but, perhaps more frequently these days, online.

MP Visits Grove House School

There is something very special about a town where people take the time to look after those most in need, especially its children.

Good News In Budget

Last month the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, a former Shenfield High School pupil, gave his third Budget. Fiscal Phil – who I understand was a patron of Ye Olde Green Dragon in former days – has developed a reputation for calculated thrift and studied caution.