Dr Burghart's History Notes

As a historian, I am always keen to seek out the history of where I live and work. I cannot pass a village church without popping in to read the plaques and gravestones. In the Brentwood and Ongar constituency we have the oldest wooden church in the world (in Greenstead, near Ongar), and one of the newest wooden churches, St Francis in West Horndon. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was written by Jane Taylor, who lived in Chipping Ongar...and explorer David Livingstone stayed in the town before setting off on his great journey to Africa.

My History Notes bring you some of the stories I have come across while travelling around the constituency, and if you have any thoughts on places for me to visit to learn more about our local history please get in touch.


Historic Brentwood

When the signage was stripped away from a Brentwood High Street shop which had for many years housed the popular toy and bicycle shop, B&M Cycles, fabulous Victorian tiles and an old shop sign were revealed.