Access All Areas

One of the first issues brought to my attention when I arrived in Brentwood and Ongar was the lack of a lift at Brentwood Station from the Shenfield bound Platform 4 to the ticket office.

Keeping Brentwood and Ongar Healthy

We have a world renowned health service in the UK and I want to ensure the people of Brentwood and Ongar are able to make the best use of the services on offer to ensure good health and a strong sense of wellbeing.

Rural Matters

I've been meeting farmers from Brentwood and Ongar. I am well aware of the challenges and opportunities Brexit poses for them, and it is an issue I know I'll be discussing with them many more times.

Broadband in Brentwood and Ongar

Broadband speeds in parts of Brentwood and Ongar are not all they should be. The roll-out of superfast broadband has not happened for many constituents. Life in the twenty-first century makes the need for good download speeds more and more important, especially for rural homes and businesses.

Blue Light Given to Essex A&E Services

NHS England has given the 'blue light' to a new development in the options for future hospital services in mid and south Essex, which are commonly used by the people of Brentwood and Ongar.