Conference 2019 - Next Move

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester. Although, highly unusually, parliament was sitting during the conference, there was an enormous turnout and an extremely positive atmosphere.

Investing in Our Schools

I have just four schools left to visit of the forty-six in the Brentwood and Ongar constituency, having made it my mission when I was elected to visit every school in the patch to talk to headteachers, staff and pupils.

The Last Bank in Town

Being the last bank in town is a concern and responsibility for High Street financial institutions, so I was pleased to meet with representatives from Barclays Bank last week to hear about their plans for local banking in Shenfield.

Prorogation of Parliament

As the Gazette goes to press the parliamentary term is poised to begin – and it promises to be a parliamentary term like no other.

An Element of Recycling

There are, I know, people living in Brentwood and Ongar who have a deep love and understanding of chemistry.

Onwards Travel for GCSE and A Level Students

To all those who received their A level results last week and all those who get their GCSE results this week, good luck for what the future holds and well done for reaching this important stage in your lives. You may be on track to do exactly as you planned.