A Magical Visit to Ingrave Johnstone Primary School

One of the first schools I visited in the Brentwood and Ongar constituency was Ingrave Johnstone C of E School. It was during the 2017 General Election, and I had my picture taken with an owl and surrounded by dozens of small witches, wizards and house elves at the school's Harry Potter themed summer fete.

There were fewer magical creatures around when I visited the school this week, but many thoughtful questions from the School Council and Year 6s. I was able to confirm I have met all the Members of Parliament in Westminster, I do make important decisions and yes, Brexit is complicated but the country voted to leave and we must do that. However, it was clear my least popular answer was a firm "yes" to a Year 6's question, "Is homework beneficial to children?"

This is a school which went through turbulent times, but is now standing on a firm footing. Many thanks to head teacher, Mr Rogers, for showing me round and encouraging his pupils to ask such incisive and wide-ranging questions.