MP Launches Christmas Card Competition

The extensive woodlands of the Brentwood and Ongar constituency are adopting their Autumn mantle of red and gold, pumpkins are swelling in gardens and on allotments with the promise of Hallowe’en and our farmers are justly congratulating themselves on a harvest safely gathered.

Whilst I was brought up to believe that the Christmas season should, under no circumstances, begin before December, I’m afraid I need to mention it this week. This is for the very good reason that I need to announce the launch of my 2018 Christmas Card competition in order to have everything printed in time to make the Xmas post. So, this year I am inviting all local children to summon up their artistic prowess and design a festive card for the community.

As you know, I have been visiting every school in my constituency and have been mightily impressed by the art and craft on display. I’ve seen Anglo-Saxon masks, vast papier-mâché constructions, and almost life-sized cardboard pirate ships.

In an attempt to capture this obvious enthusiasm and talent, I am inviting everyone who lives or attend school in my Brentwood and Ongar constituency - and who were born on or after 1st January 2007 - to design the 2018 Brentwood and Ongar Christmas card. The best design will be printed and sent to all my contacts this Xmas. (The cost of this, I hasten to add, will not be borne by the taxpayer.)

If your children / grandchildren / great grandchildren/ nephews / nieces etc like painting and drawing, please ask them to take part. Entries should be on A4 paper, using paint, pencil or pen (but, alas, no glitter or stick-on objects) and sent to me at the address below to arrive by the 1st November. Children should include their name, address and school as well as an email address for a parent, carer or school representative so we will be able to contact the winner.

I look forward to receiving many dazzling, inspired and inspirational creations - and to updating you all on the result as we hit the Christmas season proper in a few weeks time.

Alex Burghart MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA