Vote for Alex Burghart on December 12th for More Money for the local NHS to Help Our GPs and Hospitals Do Their Jobs

The Conservatives are protecting the future of the NHS.

We are planning an enormous investment in the NHS - £33.9bn, 20 hospital upgrades and 40 new hospitals. We will also deliver 6,000 more GPs by 2024-5 to improve services and reduce the wait for appointments.

I will work to ensure that our local services benefit from this historic investment so that we have better and more effective health provision on our doorstep.

Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour Party have had to resort to lying about our NHS to distract from their internal divisions on Brexit. The NHS will never be for sale – Labour have used this scaremongering at every election in living memory. The NHS will be universal and free at the point of need, forever. We will continue to make sure that decisions on how to run public services including our NHS are made by the government, and not our trading partners.