Vote for Alex Burghart - A Great Record as Your MP for Brentwood and Ongar

-Since 2017 my team and I have helped nearly 6000 constituents with issues they have been dealing with. We have answered tens of thousands of emails from local residents and held monthly surgeries in Brentwood and Ongar. 

-I employ two excellent members of staff who, like me, live and work in the constituency and are on email and phone constantly to help local people with their inquiries and problems. 

-I write a weekly column in the Brentwood Gazette and a monthly piece for Vision magazine about the local work I undertake locally and nationally. 

-I have visited 43 local schools - primary, secondary and special - to talk to staff, heads and pupils and have campaigned (successfully) at national level for more money for education. 

-I have visited and supported a huge number of local charities and groups - this year I nominated SNAP for a national award which they won. 

-I send an annual newsletter about my work out to every household in the constituency at no cost to the taxpayer - you can see the most recent one here

-I am available to my constituents on twitter, Facebook, Instagram and through my website (which is not paid for by the taxpayer). 

-My participation record for voting in Parliament is 91.6% - well above average amongst MPs.

-Since being elected in 2017 I have raised individual and constituency concerns about education funding, the need for Orkambi to be made available to cystic fibrosis sufferers, support for our libraries, retrospective taxation, policing, station accessibility, immigration issues, unauthorised development and rural crime with Ministers both privately and during Parliamentary debates.

-I claim less in expenses than almost any other MP.  

-I do not sign other people’s pledges, petitions or Early Day Motions although I am always happy to receive copies of campaign emails from all campaign groups, to which I respond individually.

-In the last year I have been Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and for the Attorney General, and more recently for the Prime Minister so have sometimes been unable to speak in debates or take part in votes linked to those Departments. However, prior to taking these jobs I was one of the most active backbenchers in the Chamber and noted as “one of the rising stars of the 2017 intake” by the Sun newspaper.

-I have been a member of the Commons Select Committee on Work and Pensions and of the Joint Committee on Human Right. I also chair the All Party Parliamentary Group on Adverse Childhood Experiences, looking at how trauma in childhood can affect adult life.

It’s been my pleasure to represent Brentwood & Ongar over the past Parliament - I’d be delighted to have your support so I can continue in the next.