Brentwood Council's Can In A Van is back

Brentwood Borough Council's Can in a Van is back for more donations today (Friday June 12) at Sainsbury’s and the Chapel Ruins.

Community groups are appealing for donations to the Community Hub with Food Bank creating a list of specific items that it needs to help vulnerable people.

Pride in Our Farming and Food Standards

Amidst everything else going on the UK is currently involved in some major trading negotiations as we take advantage of some of the opportunities presented by Brexit. One of the most contentious issues within these talks are food and agricultural standards.

Testing Times

It’s now just over three months since the UK coronavirus pandemic lockdown restrictions began, and six months since it began to become clear a new and dangerous strain of the coronavirus was causing severe respiratory illnesses and deaths in China.

Cautious and Gradual Easing of Lockdown

For the second time since our daily lives were changed so much by lockdown on 23rd March, the Prime Minister has released details of a further gradual and cautious easing of restrictions.

Zooming Through Business

We’re now a full two months into lockdown. Bank Holidays have come and gone with barely any notice as days began to blur into each other.

Help for the Smallest of Brentwood's Businesses

Small businesses in Brentwood who are operating from commercial (not domestic) properties who have suffered a loss of income due to Covid-19 can apply now for the new Discretionary Business Grant Scheme.

Next Steps to Open Schools

Yesterday, the Prime Minister outlined the next steps of the Government’s plan to safely reopen our schools and our economy.

Schools Prepare for Pupils' Return

As a parent of two young children I am fully aware of the challenges of combining childcare, home-schooling and working from home.