Brentwood Borough Council Keeps In Touch with Businesses via Teleconference

Businesses and high streets are facing a monumentous challenge due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and it is great to see Brentwood Borough Council is making sure local businesses are being kept informed and being heard. The government recognises the need to balance its information and guidance to protect the wider public, with supporting retail businesses and self employed, small trade firms. Following the Chancellor’s announcement yesterday of a wide range of financial packages and aid, Brentwood Borough Council held a conference call meeting with local businesses this week. The call was led by the Leader, Cllr Chris Hossack and the Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Stephenson.

Representatives from the Brentwood Business Partnership took part including, Natasha Radford who owns the Chicken and Frog Bookshop, who said:  “As a small business owner, I am grateful that the Council is working so hard to share key messages and provide a real sense of support. The sense of community is very welcome.”

The discussion centred around:

  1. An update on the latest news about business rates, cash grants and business loans announced by the Chancellor
  1. Brentwood Business Partnership members sharing news about businesses in their retail areas around Brentwood, Shenfield and Ingatestone
  1. Ways in which the Council and key business organisations can support local businesses
  1. the importance of independent suppliers and outlets, shops and stores within the villages – all of whom are playing an important part in keeping residents supplied with essential items.

Among the new initiatives businesses have implemented are taking phone orders and making home deliveries, delivering services online and via Skype. Pubs and restaurants are also offering hot food takeaways.

Brentwood Borough Council will be holding its next virtual meeting on Monday March 23. If your business would like to take part email for more information.

In line with the NHS and PHE Coronavirus health advice that recommends minimal social contact, Brentwood Borough Council services will continue to be available online and by telephone only.

The Town Hall Reception is not be open to the public. Please contact for our services or call 01277 312 500